Renewable Energy ROI for Poultry Farmers

The Government is rolling out green energy incentive programs for farmers.

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Complete Poultry Solutions for broilers

There are significant challenges to providing a safe and healthy environment for your birds. Ruby360 offers a range of cost-effective, efficient poultry solutions for broilers and turkeys including weighing, lighting, ventilation, controls and more, allowing you to better manage your operation.

Broiler Solutions

poultry Lighting for Broilers

Broiler Solutions

As modern poultry production evolves, producers are facing new obstacles ranging from regulations, production costs, to the unexpected. Ruby360 understands the importance of producing optimal results on a regular basis while staying conscious your overall cost of ownership. Discover our lineup of premium products to help you maintain consistent success including animal-centric LED lighting, energy efficient ventilation, integrated controls to help better manage your operation and much more.