Ruby360 Integrated Controls


Ruby360 Integrated Controls bring together your equipment, climate/ventilation, renewable energy seamlessly in a single control panel for ease of management and control of your facility.

Ruby360 specializes in fully customized integrated control panels. All systems are built and designed in house using quality components and programmed to suit your needs. Each panel is created with a unique label design using our in-house plotter system.

  • Our efficient panel shop is designed to get your jobs done quickly and professionally.
  • Ruby360 is fully experienced in handling any size of project.
  • We produce quality control systems following Kaizen practices
  • Each panel is built with a complete manual controls for emergency situations and servicing capabilities


  • Motor Control
  • Climate Control
  • Egg Counting
  • Egg Flow Control
  • Bird & Feed Weighing
  • Light Control & Dimming
  • Temperature Control
  • Frequency Inverter
  • PLC Programming
  • Video camera integration
  • Sensors (ammonia, CO2, humidity and static pressure)