Layer & Broiler Scale


Abattoirs are becoming more demanding when it comes to the weight of the stock that they want to receive, and at what time. Therefore one of the most important reasons for weighing stock is to be able to deliver it at the desired weight, and at a time agreed upon advance. Another important reason for weighing stock is that this enables you to keep track on the stock weight and to compare it with the standard and your expectations.


  • Weighing scales are suspended, thus there is no physical contact with the litter.
  • No wires on the floor that can be destroyed by the birds or ammonia.
  • Large surface of the scale allows easy access for the birds, which results in a large number of weighings.
  • Automatic detection of males and females when in use for breeders.
  • Large number of weighings/day, even with heavy birds at the end of the flock period.