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Control Panel Shop

Custom control panels built to suit your needs

Ruby360 Custom Control Panels

Ruby360 has specialized in building fully customized integrated controls systems since 1992. All systems are built and designed in house using quality components and programmed to suit your needs. Each panel is then created with a unique label design using our in-house plotter system.

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Agricultural Controls

Industrial Controls

We Specialize in Full Customization

Ruby360 is fully experienced in handling any size of project. Every panel is treated with a professional attitude that reflects our level of expertise, experience and capabilities

  • Our efficient panel shop is designed to get your jobs done quickly and professionally
  • Quick turnaround on projects
  • We produce quality control systems following Kaizen practices
  • Each panel is built with complete manual controls for emergency situations and servicing capabilities

Premium Turnkey Solutions

Our capabilities cover an extensive range of industries and applications. We have the experience and capacity to take on projects of any size while continuing to produce the highest quality product. Whatever your needs, Ruby360 has the ability to make your project a success.

Agricultural Controls

Agricultural Controls

With agricultural control systems worldwide, Ruby360 has the experience to build the perfect solution to suit your needs. We also provide solutions for harvesting data and giving reports so that the farmer can make calculated adjustments in order to increase production.

Certifications: ESA, TUV, HAZLOC certifications available

Agricultural Controls

We provide solutions to automate barn processes so that the farmer can efficiently run their operation.

High quality controls with a proven record
Purpose built to serve your farming operation
Completely built in house by our experienced team
Dependable and hassle free operation
Opticon Farm Data software

OPTILINK Software Solutions

Improve the performance of your poultry farm by making decisions based on real-time farm data. You’ll find powerful insights into data that really drives performance. Comparing flocks show how well your birds are performing – so you can make adjustments where necessary.


Remote Monitoring

Data Harvesting

Remote Control

Data Comparison

Farm Management

Agricultural controls built to suit your needs

  • Climate controls
  • Egg Counting & Flow controls
  • Weighing controls
  • Light Control & Dimming
  • Temperature controls
  • Ventilation controls
  • Motor control
  • Manure controls
  • Feed controls
  • Conveyor controls
  • VFD soft starts
  • Pump panels
  • Silo controls
  • Sensors (ammonia, C02, humidity, static pressure)
  • Mill controls
  • Monitoring
  • Integrated systems
  • System retrofitting
  • Data-driven software

Industrial Controls

Ruby360 custom control panels are designed with high quality, durable components to effectively and efficiently manage your operation. Trusted by manufacturers across industries to deliver custom control systems to solve their unique production challenges.

Certifications: ESA, TUV, HAZLOC certifications available

OEM & Build-To-Print

Whether it’s custom or pre-designed, we deliver high quality control panel solutions for OEMs. All panels are built, tested and certified right in our own panel shop. Ruby360 gives you the opportunity to put your own custom control design inside a Ruby360 control panel. With our in-house plotter system, we can even add your company name and/or logo to align with your brand.

We provide solutions to tackle the industry’s most unique challenges

High quality controls for any application
OEM & Build-to-Print
Capable of quick turnarounds
Completely built in-house by our experienced team

Industrial controls built to suit your needs

  • Motor starter panels
  • Dryer controls
  • Pelletizing controls
  • Pump controls
  • Machine controls
  • System retrofitting
  • and much more…

Tier 2 manufacturing



Feed Mills

Commitment to Excellence

We are committed to using only high quality products in order to ensure every project meets or exceeds our customer’s requirements and regulatory standards. Our Control Panel Shop is capable of handling any size of project, delivering consistent quality and rapid turnaround. Every control panel we build is thoroughly tested for complete functionality and quality inspected.