CX24 Circulation Fan


Studies show that the use of circulation fans can result in more stable house temperatures and better bird distribution while reducing litter moisture and ammonia. This leads to a reduction of up to 20% reduction in paw lesions and increased feed conversion rates.


The advanced design of the CX24 produces a higher centerline velocity, providing you with more control over the air movement in your barn versus the competition. This precision creates ideal bird distribution leading to more even litter moisture levels for healthier paws.


The four-point hanging hardware enables flexibility in the fan’s positioning for your specific application needs while allowing the fans to be quickly and easily stored for post-flock litter maintenance.


The CX24 is designed to maximize airflow in poultry barns using strong centerline velocity, reducing hot/cold spots, resulting in better bird distribution and drier litter. Using CX24 maximizes bird distribution while reducing litter humidity and ammonia helping you maintain flock health and reduce paw lesion occurrence.


  • Optimized orifice and propeller design maximizes airflow and centerline velocity
  • High-quality variable speed moto
  • Integrated 4-point mounting hardware enables flexibility in installation, can be easily moved for cleaning, storage, and post-flock maintenance
  • The patent-pending chevron design on the outlet is engineered to reduce sound levels.
  • Corrosion-resistant housing