Complete Automation for Pig Farming

From analytical weigh scales for making data driven decisions, lighting designed to improve productivity and ventilation that ensures a healthy environment for the pigs; Ruby360 offers solutions that meet all types of housing from sows to piglets.

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Automatic weighing solutions

The PigScale automated, freestanding and mobile weighing system has voluntary and independent access for pigs. Paired with Opticon’s analytical sofwater, you are able to manage your farm based on actual data, so you can monitor growth and activity on a daily basis. The PigScale is the easiest way to gather important animal data without additional labour!

Positive Pressure for Swine Facilities

Munters has been designing and refining filtered swine facility ventilation for many years. Our design engineers have worked with some of the top hog producers in the world leading us to our Positive Pressure Ventilation Design. This is not a new concept. In fact, Munters/Aerotech was designing positive pressure systems nearly 50 years ago. However, with the development of filtration for animal health, positive pressure gives you the best results for healthy livestock. Our latest design incorporates filters, cooling, Munters Drive VX Fans, BI28 Inlets and actuated outlet walls. All carefully engineered to create a Positive Pressure Ventilation System that will protect your animals.

Ventilation Solutions for Swine

Munters has extensive experience in livestock ventilation, providing the right equipment to deliver the required airflow, but also delivering increased profit margins for growers and farmers. Coupled with Ruby360 ventilation controls that offer complete control to the farmer while maximizing efficiency, we are able to offer ventilation and climate control systems designed to provide farmers with numerous benefits.

Lighting Solutions for Swine

It’s a large responsibility to successfully raise swine. Between keeping the animals healthy and virus free, while providing excellent pig care, it can be difficult to obtain optimal results turn after turn. Our Once line of LED animal-centric lighting is designed to provide exceptional light quality for both the swine and the humans caring for them. They control spectrum, photoperiod and light intensity. This results in enhanced production metrics at every stage of life. 

Pig production lighting