Feed Weighing/Bird Scale Computer (PMS-20)


Feed, water and light are the most important factors affecting growth and performance in your poultry barn. For this, Opticon has developed the PMS-20 to monitor and manage the above. The PMS-20 will give you insight in feed and water distribution and carries out a lot of work for you 24 hours a day.


  • Feed and water registration – When the PMS-20 registers the feed consumption in your barn, it calculates the actual water/feed ratio per bird for the entire flock
  • Feed and weight registration – The DWS-20 linked to a PMS-20 gives you an complete actual feed conversion over the last 24 hours and the entire flock
  • Feed & water consumption – The capability to adjust the feed and water consumption in a simple way
  • Lighting control – With the PMS-20 you can control the light in your barn by both time and intensity
  • Alarms -The PMS-20 can be set to alarm those responsible for feed orders