IA Actuator

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Robust, reliable and precise – the IA Actuator from Munters. This innovative product helps growers and livestock producers to accurately control the climate in their buildings, where effective ventilation is needed to create the optimum climate. The IA Actuator is the perfect drive unit for operating Air Inlets or Tunnel Doors. Controlled by a Munters climate controller, IA positions the air inlet to provide the required supply of fresh air. The drive power required by the IA actuator is provided by an AC motor. The wear-resistant gear and worm wheel transmissions convert this drive power into a slow movement with a distinctive high drive torque, delivering excellent performance in its application. 

With the limit switch system, the start and end positions of the driven system can be precisely set. The switches used are selected for compatibility with the latest control technology.The switching distance between a duty and a safety switch for each type of motor gearbox has been carefully selected so that precision, reliability and safety are guaranteed.


  • Two Load capacities available: 1000 Lb. and 2500 Lb.
  • Maintenance free
  • Self–braking transmission
  • Precision Dual limit switches
  • Manual Override switch on machine
  • Optional Double Belt and Drum and PipeDrive
  • Thermally protected motor
  • Easy to use and install
  • Optional Potentiometer
  • Optional PipeDrive