AgriShift® MLS for Swine




The AgriShift® MLS was designed to provide exceptional light for both the swine herd and humans caring for them, while supporting the biosecurity of modern swine facilities. It is suitable for use in sow barns, gestation buildings, nurseries, gilt development units and finishing facilities.

The modular design allows for easy installation in a wide range of new and existing construction. Additionally, the AgriShift® MLS is wet location rated and able to withstand wash downs.

The AgriShift® MLS features swine-specific Dim-to- CalmTM  technology and a Built For Your Barn® design. It simulates sunrise and sunset which reduces stress on your animals caused by sudden changes in light. The dimming capability also allows the AgriShift® MLS to fully dim red, which swine perceive as darkness. This allows the red light to be used as a “service light”, allowing workers to access the facility without disturbing or interrupting the sleep cycles of the animal.

  • Advanced system specialized for Swine
  • Improves the welfare of your animal
  • 14 W LED equivalent to 125 W incandescent
  • Fully dimmable daylight and nighttime modes
  • Replaces CFL screw-base lamps
  • Low-profile, wide beam angle
  • Dim-to-CalmTM technology
  • Built For Your Barn® design
  • Patented spectral output

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GEN 2 AgriShift MLS


Full Spectrum Dim-to-Red


Base Unit, Base Unit + Junction Box Mount, Jelly Jar