OptiLink Management Software


OptiLink – the management and control system for permanent data acquisition, real-time control and monitoring of pig and poultry houses, from virtually any location in the world.

OptiLink is the name of Opticon’s innovative management and control system for modern pig and poultry production. Its software is based on modern communication technology. All farms, even if they are located at different places, can be controlled and monitored from a single central PC. Additional features include the ability to graphically visualize all house-related measuring and production data in real time.


  • Monitoring and control of the houses in real time whenever the farm manager changes the computer settings, the changes take effect immediately in the house;
  • Central data storage and processing per animal comparison with reference data stored in the system;
  • Integrated report system by e-mail;
  • Alarm system via e-mail and SMS respectively (future option);
  • Permanent visualization of house data on your PC;
  • Easy choice of different languages;
  • High degree of flexibility.

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OptiLink 7 for Windows, OptiLink 7 Light for Windows, OptiLink Basic for Windows, OptiLink Pro for Windows, OptilLink registration fee for Internet access