SL-30-199 Condensing Boiler


With Supply and Return connections on both sides of the boiler your installation can’t get any easier. Use the left side, the right side or both… the choice is yours.

IBC Boilers and installation through our strategic partnership with LH&W Plumbing


  • Touch Screen V-10 Boiler Control Express set up, Remote monitoring & diagnostics, Easy USB programmability, Optional true native BACnet, Intuitive alert system
  • 95% A.F.U.E.
  • PVC/CPVC/PPs approved – venting up to 300 ft
  • Built-in CSA/UL approved LWCO and manual reset high limit
  • 6.2:1 turndown ratio means you have the power to heat your home in the coldest weather yet reduce short cycling when the weather is mild
  • Built-in multiple zone pump control – up to 4 zones replacing the need for external pump controls
  • Built-in outdoor reset control of water temperature
  • Technology: Patented moisture management system. Protects and ensures long life for all components in the boiler
  • The most advanced stainless steel fire tube boiler on the market today
  • Increased efficiency: Custom baffling to ensure even heat transfer and longer life
  • Reverse flow detection
  • Very low water side and combustion side pressure drops
  • Connect your IBC Indirect Water Tank directly to the boiler without a primary loop
  • Unmatched safety features
  • Easier to install and service
  • Limited lifetime residential heat exchanger warranty