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A revolution with simplicity

  • With its powerful heat recovery technology, the ESA-1000 allows you to save up to 50% on heating costs.

  • Use the hot air expelled from the building to preheat incoming air.


Your time is precious

  • Choose the ESA-1000 for its resistance to dirt build-up and its simple maintenance.

  • Save time with a cleaning process that takes under 5 minutes.


Breathe better

  • Improve air quality conditions by reducing the levels of CO2, ammonia and humidity.

  • Reduce your heating related greenhouse gas emissions by nearly 50% – the green and sustainable choice for the benefit of future generations.


Modular design

Three separate modules for simplified maintenance. Each module can be replaced independently of the others. This allows customization to suit your specific air distribution needs.



Ventilation module

  • Patent-pending technology
  • A single helix means only one motor
  • More than 1000 CFMs
  • No belts, no reduction, no asymmetry
  • Optimized energy efficiency



Heat exchange module

  • Easy maintenance, fast cleaning
  • High heat-transfer coefficient
  • No air contamination
  • Optimized surface density
  • Doesn’t take up production space



Optimized air distribution

  •  Low pressure loss
  •  Reduction of undesirable drafts
  •  Low turbulence
  •  Improved air quality conditions