Evaporative Cooling Systems


Munters offers a completely integrated evaporative cooling system designed to solve, in a quick and easy way, temperature problems in environmental controlled situations, such as tunnel ventilation in poultry, dairy and swine structures, climate control in greenhouses and cooling systems for hatcheries. Munters system utilizes the natural cooling effect of evaporation to efficiently cool the air entering your buildings. Combined with the wind-chill effect of tunnel ventilation, these systems improve production in the hottest weather. Modular pad assembly holds and wets a choice of pad materials for the ultimate in efficient and effective cooling. Inlet air temperatures can be reduced by 10-20 degrees Fº on most days, and even more under ideal conditions. Tank kits are available for submersible and non-submersible pumps. The tank kits are designed to assure proper water flow and capacity; giving your system superior wetting regardless of the length.

  • Corrosion resistant extruded aluminum header
  • Spray deflector ensures uniform pad wetting
  • Removable pad retainer for easy cleaning, open view header option available
  • Cooling pads easily lift out
  • Custom Designed drip collector for maximum water capacity & easy installation
  • Simple to install drain fittings
  • UV resistant PVC reservoir
  • Heavy duty extruded aluminum wall mounting brackets
  • Stacked Pad System
  • If your application requires a height over 72″, Munters offers the stacked pad system which allows you to increase the system height to a maximum of 120″


Pad option:

Munters CELdek available with MI-T-edg coating

CELdek® evaporative cooling pad is engineered to provide maximum cooling, low pressure drop and years of reliable service. Made from specifically engineered cellulose paper that is chemically treated to resist deterioration. The cross fluted, unequal angle pad design promotes the highly turbulent mixing of air and water for optimum cooling.