MultiHeat HW Unit


Multiheat hot water units for heating of poultry buildings
To obtain the best results in poultry buildings an optimum climatic environment is essential for the health and productivity of the birds. Temperature, humidity and CO2 are the main factors influencing these results. Therefore a perfect heating- and ventilation system is necessary.

Here the Multiheat HW unit is the solution!


The Multiheat HW unit consists of a high efficiency heat exchanger, axial fan and a unique designed distribution device.
Hot water is supplied from an external boiler and passes the heat exchanger. The fan sucks the air from inside the building through the heat exchanger and pushes the warm air equally through the 6 air outlets in a horizontal flow over the birds. The amount of air and the directions can be adjusted by the flaps inside each air outlet. The units are hanging in the middle of
the house whereby an ideal distribution is guaranteed to all corners in the building.


Recirculation duct

Warm air reaches the sidewalls and rises to the ceiling, where it returns to the HW unit for a natural circulation of warm air.
This can be improved by installing an inflow rectangular duct placed on top of the unit.


Adjustable flaps in air outlets

The body of the unit is made of durable ABS high heat resistance material.
The 6 air outlets are designed in such a way that air is optimal distributed and built-in stainless steel flaps can be adjusted to influence the throw or to even close one outlet. The air can be distributed up to 15 m, subsequently for 30 m wide houses.


  • No CO2 production
  • Perfect distribution of the heat (≤ 0,5oC) • Dry litter, less leg problems
  • Reduction of Ammonia
  • Less energy costs
  • Nonhazardous, no open flame • Improvement of animal health • Less ventilation needed
  • Easy cleaning
  • Durable ABS material
  • 17 to 110 kW units aviable
  • Possible to use as cooling