Pivot Air Ceiling Inlet

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The Pivot Air Inlet system is designed to give the grower precise control over incoming fresh air. The complete system is designed to combine the NEW Pivot Air Inlets, the IA Actuator along with the Munters PipeDrive. The IA Actuator and PipeDrive provide inline control of each run of the baffled inlets. The transition kit connects the PipeDrive to the baffle and includes a hand winch for manual override if needed. Smooth operation of the newly designed pivot points provide precision movement when opening and closing the inlet. Each baffle row uses a solid rod pull along the entire length of the system, eliminating potential issues with traditional cables. Each baffle is constructed of 1” thick density foam wrapped in corrugated PVC with an integrated flexible rubber seal. Munters Ventilation Engineers designed the Pivot Air System to maximize the performance of a complete Munters Ventilation System.


  • Complete package from actuator to baffle inlet
  • 12" & 20" Slot size
  • Baffles are 1" high density foam wrapped in corrugated PVC
  • Rubber seal to keep out draft
  • Solid rod connections to eliminate stretch and assure tight close
  • custom engineered pivot point for smooth up and down motion