Lubing ChainKeeper


The LUBING ChainKeeper System offers piece of mind by protecting your conveyor system from a catastrophic break-down. As every producer knows, conveyor down-times can translate to significant dollar losses. By sensing the pulse of the conveyor chain, the all-new ChainKeeper System is designed to detect, shut down and alert when there is a chain break or drop-out and allow your production to get back on line as quickly as possible.


  • Simple and quick installation
  • Low voltage design does not require licensed installer
  • Available for systems up to 2,000ft (600m) long
  • For systems longer than 1,000ft please contact Lubing
  • Up to 30 Sensors per conveyor
  • Can monitor top or bottom chains
  • Sensors can be installed anywhere along the conveyor
  • Controller has audible and visual alarms
  • All components are IP67 rated