April 18, 2018

Broiler, Pullet and Turkey Jungle Green Technology

ONCE® species-specific lighting systems allow producers to give broilers and pullets a customized lighting solution to achieve what matters most: improved animal welfare, reduced stress and better flock performance. By offering technology developed from decades of proven research, a species-specific spectrum and a Built for Your Barn® design, our broiler, pullet and turkey specific lighting systems are guaranteed to provide a return on your investment.

Experience an ROI after the first flock with our new jungle green light spectrum, providing producers with an estimated $20,508.70 in additional profits per year* and integrators $15,912.00 PER WEEKʠ!

Jungle Light Green Lighting

Junglite Green™ is the newest and most advanced broiler and pullet specific lighting technology on the market today. There are no other products available designed specifically to replicate a birds’ natural habitat with a jungle green light like this technology does. By simulating an enhanced green light spectrum with added blue, a birds’ highest color sensitivity is stimulated, meeting developmental needs at all stages of growth. The added red content regulates circadian rhythms, improving animal welfare. Research has consistently concluded that broilers reared under monochromatic green light during the early stage experienced greater proliferation of the skeletal satellite cells, a primary muscle regenerator, while pullets showed greater weight gain in less time when compared to regular LEDs.

Improves Feed Conversion

Recent scientific trials showed broilers raised under Junglite Green™ technology compared to those under a regular blue-enriched white LED showed reduction in bird feed consumption per pound of meat produced. With a .028 feed conversion rate improvement, this provides an ROI after the first flock and is estimated to give producers $19,008.70 in additional profits the first year* and save integrators $15,912.00 PER WEEKʠ!  Because ONCE® AgriShift® fixtures have a Built For Your Barn®design, they use techniques and materials that withstand harsh barn environments for years to come, longevity is guaranteed.

Chicks Enjoying Junglite Green Technology. One day old chicks getting a good start to life under the influence of our new Junglite Greentechnology from the AgriShift TLP® tube light for pullets.

Learn more about The Science behind the technology or products featuring Junglite Green™ technology: AgriShift® MLM-G and AgriShift® TLP tube light for pullets.

*With a savings of .34¢ per pound (lb) and standard gross lbs sold equaling 411,936. ((.34¢ x 411,936 lbs / 2 houses) x 6 houses) x (5 flock turns per year) = Approximate yearly profits – ($3,500.00 Estimated Investment of ONCE® lighting system – $1,500.00 – Estimated investment of other lighting option) = Total profits after investment (i.e. for year 1)

ʠ Assuming a poultry complex places 750,000 birds per week with 96% livability rate, average bird weight is 6.5 pounds (lbs) and Junglite Green™ technology reduces weekly growers’ standards to 0.34¢ per lb. ((750,000 x 96%) x 6.5) x 0.34¢ = Savings per week

**For maximum performance, it is recommended to replace ONCE® fixtures after 50,000 hours or 5 years.