April 18, 2018

Broiler, Pullet and Turkey Blue Technology

ONCE® species-specific lighting systems allow producers to give broilers and pullets a customized lighting solution to achieve what matters most: improved animal welfare, reduced stress and better flock performance. By offering two different technologies developed from decades of proven research, a species-specific spectrum and a Built for Your Barn® design, our broiler and pullet specific lighting systems are guaranteed to provide a return on your investment.

Light is a key environmental factor that influences and directs physiological and biological processes in all animals. Raising animals in indoor facilities required specialized lighting systems to achieve optimum results in both production and performance.

Dim-to-Blue® technology for Broiler, Pullet and Turkey operations allow the light to be adjusted at the right time in a young hen’s growth cycle, meeting the bird’s developmental needs. In the growth stage, combined green and blue light promotes muscular development growth due to more effective stimulation of testosterone secretion. Under Dim-to-Blue® AgriShift® LED lighting, birds are calmer, less prone to flight, notably less aggressive and consequently put more feed energy into just growing. Blue spectrum naturally calms avian. Therefore, by providing lamps that can shift from red content in brood to blue content during grow-out results in maximized performance, minimized stress and aggressive behaviors, and improved general welfare of the bird.

Featured products using Dim-to-Blue® technology:

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