April 18, 2018

Broiler Poultry Lighting

ONCE® broiler-specific LED products offer an entire lighting system designed with both the farmer and animal in mind, improving productivity and animal welfare by providing a light spectrum the animal responds to best. With AgriShift® technology and a production dimmer program, light intensity, photoperiod and color spectrum can be can all be manipulated for better performance.

Under ONCE® proprietary, broiler-specifc Junglite GreenTM and Dim-to-Blue® technology, a birds’ developmental needs are met at every stage of life. Research tests and on-farm studies have both shown immediate changes in bird behavior and improved feed conversion ratios with ONCE® Agrishift® LED lighting systems when dimmed to lower levels.

It has consistently been concluded that broilers reared under monochromatic green light during the early stage experienced greater proliferation of the skeletal satellite cells through the stimulation of testosterone secretion, a primary muscle regenerator. An added red content regulates circadian rhythms, improving animal welfare. This also results in positive effects on both ADG and uniformity.