AGRISHIFT® Slave Dimmer


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The AgriShift® Slave Dimmer provides smooth dimming of any AgriShift® light. It is easily controlled either manually with the front panel controls or remotely with a 0-10VDC control signal. The unit is optimized for low light level operation and offers better resolution than other dimmers. Dual output channels allow control of more lights at higher power levels.

How dimming can enhance flock performance

Because animals are sensitive to different intensities and colors of light, performance and health can be improved simply by controlling the lighting. Close attention to lighting schedules and elimination of lighting anomalies have been shown to increase production outputs while reducing stress and negative affects on animals. ONCE® AgriShift® LED dimmers provide smooth, programmable dimming to enable the full potential of any ONCE® light. The expansion bus on all AgriShift® dimmers is a standard 0-10V interface for maximum expansion capability as well as compatibility with  a wide range of existing (installed) barn controllers. See operating manual for complete description of features and specifications as well as programming options.


  • Improves animal welfare
  • Advanced technology for LED lighting
  • Precise, consistent, incremental dimming
  • Asymmetric sunrise/sunset program capability
  • Program up to 500 days divided into 20 lighting periods
  • Programmable, timed or temporary dimming override
  • Programmable transition time for sunrise/sunset
  • Optional remote control with standard 0-10V bus
  • Fully automatic control or manual option

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 22.1 × 26.9 × 13.9 cm