July 5, 2021



Renewable Energy

500kW AC ground mount solar facility with 777kW DC of solar modules and 4 x 125kW AC Grid-tie inverters. This system is installed at a large agricultural facility with a large energy draw throughout the year. Because of the high energy consumption a large part of their electrical bill is based on how much power they use compared to the rest of the province during the 5 peak hours of power usage every year in the province. The system is tilted and directed to maximize production during these times which typically happen later in the afternoon (4-6 pm) during the hottest days of the summer. This reduces the facility’s overall energy consumption from the grid and reduces their rates for the following year based on that. The energy that is produced by the system is mostly consumed at the facility as it is produced but any that does make it to the local electrical grid is credited through the net-metering program.

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