Climate Solutions

A healthy climate maximizes the performance of your birds. 
The Agro Supply heat exchangers control the climate in the house at a constant level, no matter the weather conditions.

ECO Units will reduce your gas cost, lower ammonia emissions, fine dust and CO2.

The benefits of our climate solutions

It’s essential to have a good climate and get the right temperature in the poultry house for the best growing conditions for your birds. The gas prices are incredibly high at the moment. Investing in the ECO Unit can significantly reduce your gas costs. 

The ECO Unit is a heat exchanger that creates a healthy climate with minimum ventilation. The performance of your birds can improve due to this healthier airflow. Each unit recovers up to 80% of heat. Warm exhaust air from inside passes the fresh cool air from outside by going through up to 1,325 m2 of contact surfaces inside the heart of the ECO Unit.  

Also your FCR and litter quality will improve and even your ammonia emissions will decrease by 35%. The ECO Unit can circulate up to 17,650 CFM of air an hour and has higher performance ratios vs. smaller heat exchangers. 

You can earn your investment back in <5* years.

*Based on $1.70/kg/GLP, 7 flocks p/y

Schedule a 1-on-1 calculation with our climate expert and find out how much money you can save on your gas bill!

Listen to Victor van Wagenberg, product manager ECO Units explain how the ECO unit works at a Dutch layer farm.

You can now move around the ECO Unit digitally or even place it virtually on your own premises.

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Vencomatic’s innovative ECO range

ECO Unit 200

The ECO Unit allows you to fully control the climate in your breeder house in all weather conditions with a minimal use of energy. For this design we use the heat exchanger to heat up fresh air from outside with warm air taken from inside the house.

ECO Unit 800

With the ECO Unit you can fully control the minimum ventilation in your house. Via aeration tubes brings the ECO Unit fresh preheated air at bird level. This directly results in an enhanced wellbeing of the bird.

ECO Zero

The ECO Zero brings a comfortable indoor climate to your house, under all outside conditions​. This optimal climate results in strongly improved productivity of layers at 87 weeks, 1,5 – 4% lower mortality, 10 – 25 extra eggs​ and 4 – 6 gram less daily feed intake​. The fine dust emission is reduced with 80%​.