April 18, 2018

What is Natural Light?

There was a time when a morning sunrise gave light and an evening sunset gave night to every living creature—it was considered a natural part of life. But not every day is ideal when commercially raising animals indoors.

In the spectrum charts below, daylight at noon, compared to daylight at sunset is compared.


An animals’ natural habitat was meant to be outside—more specifically, the red jungle fowl, an ancestor of the domestic chicken, originated in the rain forests of Southeast Asia. A place where photoperiods are not as drastic and light intensities and spectrum are different when compared to open land areas and many parts of the country. Pecking, nervousness, feed source recognition and hormonal responses may all be seen in chickens outside of their natural habitat, causing increased stress and decreased animal welfare.


The pig, an ancestor of the Eurasian wild boar, also originated in Southeast Asia but on islands such as the Philippines and Indonesia.