April 18, 2018

Swine Technology

ONCE® AgriShift® lighting programs and systems are directed toward minimizing extreme changes in lighting. Abrupt changes are shown to excite animals, which increases cortisol levels and inhibits melatonin secretion – both of which have a negative effect on the well-being of the animal. By offering LED fixtures that present uniform coverage and a consistent light, corticosterone levels and other stress markers are minimized, while animal welfare is improved.

ONCE® innovative swine specific lighting is designed with Dim-to-CalmTM technology, simulating a natural sunrise and sunset. The dimming capability allows our technology to fully dim red, which swine perceive as darkness. This allows the red light to be used as a “service light”,allowing workers to access the facility without disturbing or interrupting the sleep cycles of the animal. 

Featured product using Dim-to-CalmTM technology:
AgriShift® MLM-S for Swine: