April 18, 2018

LED Lighting Programs for Enhancement of Swine Performance

Juliette Delabbio Ph.D.
Director of Research and Development
Once Inc.

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Abstract: Light is a key environmental factor that influences and directs physiological processes in all animals. In domestic boars, research has shown that there is seasonality in sperm production related to the light in the animal’s environment. Light exposure mediates the level of melatonin secretion, which ultimately affects the quality and quantity of the boar’s reproductive products.

Past research on pig photosensitivity and boar performance under different lighting treatments has provided us with rudimentary background information on lighting programs for AI units, but the results of many of these studies are limited in their application. However, because of newly developed LED technologies, more comprehensive lighting programs are now possible for farmed animals. More specifically, LED light programs can be created for boar holding units that incorporate, modulate and synchronize the three characteristics of light (intensity, wavelength and duration).

The following article is a review of the research that supports the use of comprehensive lighting programs in the swine industry, particularly in boar-holding facilities. Read the article.