April 18, 2018

LED Lighting for Pullets

Impact of Different Light Sources on Egg Layer Pullet Growth Period

By: Petek Settar, Juliette Delabbio, Ian Rubinoff, Neil P. O’Sullivan, and Jesus Arango

Currently there are different artificial light sources currently used In pullet rearing and layer facilities. Unlike humans, chickens can see UV light and have extra sensitivity to blue and red light due to an extra set of cones in their eyes. Some light emitting diodes (LED) lamps provide a full spectrum of visible light including light output in the UV range and therefore provide a more enriched light environment. Our study investigated the impact of incandescent (INC) and dim to blue 12 Watt LED lamps from ONCE Innovations as a light source, the use of intermittent photoperiods and sunset/sunrise enrichments of the light program for their effects on bird growth performance.

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