The BD-SWING was created with careful consideration for each piece of the farrowing process. Our specially designed crate can be installed in several positions, allowing for easy retrofitting of an existing space. More room for scampering piglets increases livability and comfort. The adjustable crate means you can house both smaller gilts and larger mature sows. Different heating options allow you to create the perfect environment for both piglets and sows, who will comfortably enjoy their time with the BD-SWING.

Use the EasySlider, our BigFarmNet controlled feeding system, to allow your farrowing sows to decide when they’d like to eat, and improve their body condition.


Adjustable to fit your space

The BD-SWING can be placed within a pen going straight, slightly angled, or diagonal. This allows you to decide which configuration will be best for your barn. The BD-SWING is a great option for those looking to retrofit an existing space.


For Piglets:

The BD-SWING farrowing pen provides an ideal environment for piglets during this critical stage.

  • Creep Area – A more defined nest area for piglets helps improve their safety and comfort
  • Piglet Saver Bars – Maximize your numbers by ensuring piglet safety as they move about the crate
  • Heating – Hot water or electric heat pads, heat lamps and the BD-COVER can be used together or independently to keep your piglets at an ideal temperature
  • Hydration – Multiple drinker options allow for easy access to fresh water


For Sows:

Sows are given maximum comfort and flexibility in the BD-SWING crate.

  • Adjustability – One crate side adjusts in width and the door can be adjusted to lengthen the crate if needed
  • Comfort – Cast iron flooring ensures safe footing for the sow while the plastic flooring provides a warm and comfotable surface for the piglets
  • Stress free – One crate side swings open wide allowing for a stress free entry and exit for each sow


For You:

The intelligent design of the BD-SWING pen allows for easy management and maximum convenience.

  • Accessibility – All areas of the crate are easily accessed by workers
  • Improved hygiene – because each area of the pen is so easy to access, workers can clean the crates quickly and without hassle
  • Better Visibility – If using the BD-COVER, piglets can be checked quickly by simply flipping the lid on the cover


BDSWING: Farrowing System