Flooring Systems


Big Dutchman’s plastic flooring always meet our customers’ high demands for hygienic, productivity-enhancing and animal-friendly housing of sows and piglets. But sows and piglets have different requirements regarding thermal conduction and heat stores. A combination of different slats should be used for flooring in farrowing pens to account for this. Cast iron flooring ensures a secure foothold and a cool place for sows to lay while heating plates are ideal to warm piglets.


  • Slats made of high quality plastic, available in different sizes with different solid-to-void ratios
  • Plastic slats with integrated rubber mat or ceramic insert
  • Big Dutchman cast iron floors are designed to protect sow teats from getting pinched
  • Heating plates made of polymer concrete, plastic or GRP
  • Support bars made of galvanized steel, stainless steel or GRP



Plastic flooring with an integrated rubber mat

SowComfort is a very durable, non-slip rubber mat guaranteeing a secure foothold for the sow when she stands up of lies down. A special method has made it possible to permanently integrate the rubber mat into the slat during manufacturing. As a result, SowComfort can easily be incorporated into the Big Dutchman floor system.


  • Secure foothold and stability for sows in the farrowing pen, increasing well-being
  • Rubber prevents injury to the teats allowing the sow to rest more peacefully
  • Piglets stand on the rubber mat with their front feet without slipping during suckling
  • Easy cleaning with high-pressure cleaner
  • Good abrasion resistance and long service life

Heating plates

Heating plates ensure optimum temperature conditions in the piglets’ resting area, no matter whether it be in the farrowing or nursery pen.

Our product range includes heating plates of different materials and sizes. They can be integrated into or placed on the slats.

Plastic Flooring

  • Plastic – Ensuring even heat distribution as they are filled with water

Polymer Concrete Flooring

  • Polymer Concrete – made with high quality material with a well-structured profile and heated by hot water pipes or heating wires

GRP Flooring

  • Glass-Fiber Reinforced Plastic (GRP) – electric heating plates are light and low cost, easily retrofitted or placed on slats


An Inside Look at Sow Comfort