DryExact Pro


DryExact Pro is a new computer controlled feeding system which employs a weighed batch mixer to blend and deliver individual feed recipes for every feed valve (trough or feeder). This technology along with the capability of feeding two loops simultaneously with highest accuracy opens the door to easy multi-phase feeding.


BigFarmNet Integration

The new generation control and management system, BigFarmNet provides easy, user-friendly controlling of the system and allows linking all computers on the farm for convenient data sharing and analysis.


  • Automatic precision feeding: all diets are automatically adjusted at each feeding time
  • Weight based feeding with batch mixer ensures high accuracy and homogenous feed
  • Individual diets are mixed for each feed valve so each trough or feeder can have a different feed recipe
  • DryExact Pro mixes and delivers feed rations as little as 18 oz.
  • Easy blending of two or more feeds or multiple feed components, premixes or special feed additives
  • The two-loop system can feed different diets simultaneously allowing for quick distribution of feed with only one batch mixer
  • Multi-Phase Feeding: DryExact Pro is designed for easy Multi-phase feeding and to serve as a powerful management tool on any nursery or finisher farm. Multi-Phase feeding is also the key to lower environmental pollution (nitrogen and phosphate contents in the manure) as well as manure odor
  • DryExact Pro allows for sensor controlled feeding of feeders which is another way to limit feed wastage and improve feed management
  • Individual feeding of sows during pregnancy and lactation taking into account the sow’s actual condition and her status in the reproductive cycle
  • DryExact Pro is the ideal management tool for any research and testing set-up in both breeding and nursery/finisher barns

Software Features

  • Choose between the MC700 or the MC717 touch screen computer
  • Power module with customized system control panel
  • 6 circuits, including sub circuits – up to 2 circuits feed simultaneously
  • 405 valves, 32 feed components, 150 feeding times, 4 light outputs, and feeding time tables
  • Up to 4 small quantity dosing units (e.g. medications, minerals)
  • BigFarmNet software links all controls and farm computers as well as your iPhone for convenient data sharing and analysis