CallMatic Pro


The CallMatic Pro is Big Dutchman’s most advanced ESF system that has been developed using our 30 years of experience with feeding group housed sows. This system allows for two different types of dry feed or can be used with liquid feeding. The systems modular design allows adaptation to many different configurations, easily fitting into most spaces.


Station Computer

The station computer can be positioned at the ESF station or in the aisle for easy accessibility, making adjustments to each station hassle-free. The computer has a clearly arranged display that shows important information such as the status of the sow, daily rations, the remaining feed, or the number of sows which have eaten that day. It operates independently from the central computer in the office for high functioning reliability.

In addition to the station computer it is possible to connect a separate PC which may be placed wherever you like, for example in the farm office or the farm manager’s home. Both these computers will communicate with each other in real-time.


Dry Feeding with CallMaticPro

Each feeding station is equipped with one hopper per diet, with a maximum of 2 hoppers. Feed for the hoppers is supplied from their respective feed bins. A sensor in one of the hoppers, which supplies a group of stations, registers when the feel level drops below a preset minimum value. All feed hoppers are then immediately filled again.


Computer-controlled liquid feeding with CallMaticPro

This is a very cost effective option if you’re already using liquid feeding with the Big Dutchman HydroMixPro elsewhere on your farm. The ESF system requests feed directly from the liquid feeding system, which then supplies the requested feed ration and pumps it into the storage tank of the ESF system.

Liquid feed circulates through a pipeline system installed about the ESF stations. If a sow enters the ESF system and is entitled to food, the low-maintenance pneumatic three-way ball valve opens and feed is dispensed into the trough over intervals determined by the farm manager. This process is repeated until the sow has received her ration.

The system determines the exact amount of feed to be dispensed by weighing the feed mixing tank. If the stored feed mix drops below a preset minimum the liquid feeding system receives a new request for feed. The ESF system tank returns feed which has not been consumed to the liquid feeding systems mixing tank ensuring feed remains fresh and increasing hygiene. This method results in a system that is constantly calibrated, achieving a highly precise metering during the feeding process.


  • Multiple feeding options, two kinds of dry feed, or liquid feeding
  • Separate control unit with computer display
  • Selection gate for sorting
  • Color markers (up to 3)
  • Heat detection optional
  • Manual control unit at the feeding station
  • Mobile application
  • Station computer with display for easy management
  • Delivered pre-assembled


CallMatic Pro & Call-In Pro: ESF Systems