Call-In Pro



The Call-In Pro is a streamlined ESF station built economically with savings passed on to you. This station is best suited for large static groups and uses one type of dry feed. An electro-pneumatic dispensing mechanism keeps metering precise. If the sow in the system is entitled to feed, it is dispensed approximately 60g (2 oz) at a time (depending on bulk weight) into the trough. This process is repeated until the sow has eaten her ration or leaves the station. Entrance door and trough flap open and close pneumatically.



Each feeding station is equipped with a feed hopper supplied by a feed bin. Systems are set up in groups. As a sensor in one of the hoppers registers the feed level has dropped below a preset minimum value, all hoppers are immediately filled again.


Options for Easier Management

A color marker can be added to the Call-In Pro for easier selection. If the station indicates that the entering sow must be marked, the spray can is automatically activated. A separate heat detection unit is also optional.


  • Color marker (optional)
  • Heat detection optional
  • Manual control unit at the feeding station
  • Mobile application
  • Economic and animal-friendly
  • True individual feeding
  • Dry feeding with Call-InPro


CallMatic Pro & Call-In Pro: ESF Systems