Penning System


Big Dutchman offers animal-friendly easy to clean penning systems for sow, nursery and finishing housing. Our flexible modular system enables you to construct any type and size of pen, independent of the conditions on site and the dimensions of the house. Our experts are available to advise you on how to put together your ideal penning system.


  • Solid walls with height options to suit your preference
  • One-handed locking pen doors
  • Easy to assemble with few and simple components
  • Made from long lasting and durable materials
  • Easy to clean
  • Suitable for all housing and management situations


Options means you get what fits best

Our penning system offers the ultimate in flexibility, available in different heights (500, 600, 750, and 1100 mm), two thicknesses (35 and 50 mm) and the width can be cut direct to your specifications. Concrete partitions and reinforcing posts may be added for extra stability. Single handed locking mechanisms and divided doors make managing your herd simpler and easier.


Bio-security is our concern too

Our priority is to keep your pigs thriving, so our penning system is designed for easy cleaning. Our wall panels are smooth in order to keep dirt and germs at bay and special inserts can be used to seal the end of each panel.


Layout Examples

Piglet rearing pens with branch aisle and automatic feeders installed in the partitions

Piglet rearing pens with automatic feeders installed inside the pens


Pens for finishing including selection areas

Pens for finishing with divided doors and liquid feeding system