SinglePorc IV & SinglePorc VI


Big Dutchman offers its customers a wide range of automatic feeders for different areas of application.

All feeders can be used for pellets, granules or meal and can be supplied to accommodate any type of dry feeding system either automatically or manually.

The feeders can stand in the pen or they can be installed in the pen partition.


Both Feeders

  • 1 feeder for up to 12 pigs with a weight starting approximately from 55 lbs
  • Integrated trough dispenser to moisten the feed
  • trough pan with a stainless steel edge for a long service life
  • made of recyclable plastic and stainless steel


SinglePorc IV

  • 60 liter hopper
  • Easily-accessible dispensing lever for feed adjustment in 8 increments
  • unobstructed view into the feed trough for ideal monitoring


Single Porc VI

  • 50 liter hopper
  • easily-accessible dispensing lever for feed adjustment in 10 increments including “stop”
  • stainless steel dispensing mechanism can easily be dismantled