PigNic Feeders


Big Dutchman offers its customers a wide range of automatic feeders for different areas of application.

All feeders can be used for pellets, granules or meal and can be supplied to accommodate any type of dry feeding system either automatically or manually.

The feeders can stand in the pen or they can be installed in the pen partition.


  • Easy adjustment of feed amount
  • 360° pivoted dispensing mechanism ensures that feed flows freely and can easily be operated by pigs
  • All PigNic feeders are available with a separate pipe for water circulation, so no sediments will block the drinking line
  • Feed saving collar keeps pigs from wasting feed
  • a small opening in the trough ensures that excess water runs off
  • The deep stainless steel trough is arranged at some distance about the ground to facilitate thorough cleaning underneath the trough
  • available with 2 or 3 drinking nipples
  • See-through 100 Liter or 200 Liter hopper
  • Folding lid for quick monitoring
  • agitator inside the hopper prevents feed bridging (optional)