Feed Storage Bins


Big Dutchman knows that it takes a lot to feed your flock. That’s why we offer top of the line products to help you store your feed and easily transport it into your barns.


Big Dutchman feed hopper bins are designed to store flowable, noncorrosive material with 50 pound/cubic foot (800.9 kg/m3) bulk maximum density. The feed bins come in 3 standard sizes of 6, 9 and 12 feet in diameter. Each of the 3 sizes is available in 1 to 4 rings. The 12’ bin is also available with 5 or 6 rings.


G115 Galvanizing

With a G115 galvanized coating, Big Dutchman bins provide a 28% greater protection and longer life than the market standard G90 bins.


Peak Lid

A unique lid design opens 180°, keeping it out of the way of potential damage during filling.

Reflective Tape

Super engineering grade reflective tape at the peak opening allows for easy identification of the fill area at night. Tape is only visible when the lid is open, so the operator not only knows where to fill, but if the lid is open and ready for filling. The weather resistant reflective tape is rated for a 12-year life minimum.


Drip Guard

Drip edge at bottom of sidewall sheets minimizes potential moisture down the hopper sheets and into the boot area.


Outlet Height

The clearance under the outlet collar is 33.5” – providing plenty of room for unloader accessories.


Bin Walls

All bin wall sheets are of corrugated, galvanized steel with 2.66:” (67.56mm) corrugation. Wall sheets have 1.15 oz. per square foot (350 g/m2) zinc coating (G-115 designation). 2.66” corrugation sheets have 32” (812.8mm) vertical coverage. Horizontal coverage of bin wall sheets is 112.5” (2,856mm) for 6’ (1.83m) and 9’ (2.74m) bins. All 5/16” bolts are electro-galvanized grade 8.2 with self-sealing injection molded washers. Sealer strip is provided to seal all vertical sidewall seams. Anchor bolts are standard with all feed hopper bins.



Crimp at room follows the contour of the sidewall sheet ensuring protection from the elements,


Sturdy Ladder With Handrail

Ladder brackets have contours that match the corrugation of the sidewall sheets for maximum strength and safety.


Standard Roofs

All bins have a steep 40° roof slope. A roof ladder from eave to the peak is standard with your bin. Sealer strip is provided for all roof seams.


Safety Cage Kits

Safety cages for ladders are available for the 9’ and 12’ bins.