EcoMatic Pro


This computer-controlled dry feeding system operates without a distribution unit and without a feed kitchen and is therefore simple and economic.

Rather than feeding in phases, the EcoMatic Pro makes it simple to serve a mixed feed in multiple phases that vary every day for your growing pigs. This minimizes feed waste and allows pigs to consume a more varied mix of food, saving farmers money and contributing to better body condition for pigs.


  • Fast transport system, especially for a large number of livestock
  • Multi-phase feeding can be realized easily to allow age-based feeding and to save on feed costs
  • Can be upgraded to become a sensor feeding system
  • Cost effective solution



The hoppers can either be placed directly beneath the feed bins (European version) or they can be located inside the barn as we suggest for North America. A flex auger will then transport feed from each bin to the respective hopper. The feed hoppers are equipped with a frequency-controlled auger to then dispense the required amounts of each component into the DryRapid conveying pipe. The final recipe or feed mix is automatically created with each hopper dispensing its component into the feed pipe. The feed mix is then transported and dispensed in portions by the designated valves.

With Feed Hopper


With FlexVey Auger


EcoMatic Pro: Multi-phase Feeding System