Pedigrow 2 Cage Free Chick School


All day-old-chicks are smoothly prepared for their natural abilities like climbing-training and rearing and become well adapted to their eventual laying facilities. 

The chicks start in the litter area with feed and water systems that are spatially separated and individually adjustable in heights. At the age of 3-4 weeks the feed troughs and water pipes are installed on the highest level, so it must be reached by the pullets in the upper position. This prepares the birds to adapt to all possible levels within any cage system. 

Due to this training period in Salmet's Pedigrow 2 system, the birds are ready to adapt to the ongoing process into the laying systems and accept all available laying facilities without requiring any special management or additional effort on behalf of the producer.


  • Proven performance for over a decade
  • Designed to meet changing regulations
  • Water and feed on each level
  • Adjustable water lines on day old chick tiers
  • Heavy duty feed chain
  • Salmet's trusted manure drive system
  • Hot-dip galvanized components ensuring quality as well as longevity


Salmet Pedigrow 2 Cage Free Chick School

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