GSE On-Roof System


GSE Integration offers an innovative and fast solar over-roofing solution: the GSE ON-ROOF SYSTEM. With its optimum mechanical strength, this system of roof overlaying is compatible with all the traditional framed panels and all the cover elements of the market (tiles, slate, schingle).

A revolutionary method, developed for a safe installation and finally the guarantee of the roof retained.

This installation system prevents rainwater from seeping under the tiles and only 4 main components are required for the installation: hooks, rails, calipers, screws.

  • Ideal for professionals who want to simplify and optimize their installations.
  • 3 hook sizes: 100% waterproof and height adjustable.
  • Transmission of loads directly on the rafter.
  • Roof slope: same as the roofing manufacturer's recommendations.
  • hook compatible with all areas of snow and wind up to the seaside (France - rule NV65 / Eurocode 8, decree of 22/10/10 modified).
  • covering and interlocking.
  • in accordance with the DTU implementation rules.

Simple and reinforced kits designed for installation all over the world in simple and optimized packaging.


  • Fully waterproof and adjustable assembly
  • Load transmission directly onto the rafter
  • Compatible with all roof slope
  • Fits all types of covers and frames
  • Compatible for all snow and wind zones to the coast
  • Complies with the regulations governing the installation of roof coverings
  • Clip-on, fi xed or universal brackets: only 4 references
  • Convenient tightening system for reduced mounting time
  • Manual tightening: 12 - 14 N.m
  • Compatible with all module sizes
  • Instant grounding thanks to the bracket
  • Materials: Inox / Aluminum / Polypropylene / Terracotta (optional)
  • 10-year warranty


GSE On-Roof System (English)