GSE Ground System


Functional, light, aesthetic and fast to install this innovation GSE meets the problem of non-feasibility of roof installation.

  • Pose in portrait for a reduced size.
  • Compatible with all floors / gardens.
  • Reduced installation time and costs.
  • Simple and safe to install.
  • Compatible with any type of framed modules.
  • Steel guaranteed 30 years.
  • Delivery in kit. 100% recyclable.
  • Perfect for self-consumption, it is sold in kit for 2 to 6 modules and is intended for several types of uses (complement of PV installation, self-consumption, flat roofs and gardens).
  • Its size less than 1m80 allows it to require no administrative formalities!

The GSE GROUND SYSTEM has been designed to allow 95% of framed photovoltaic modules of all widths to be installed on the ground. Its robustness and 30-year material warranty make it a perfectly designed product for speed and reliability.


  • Ideal for flat roofs and ground systems
    • lack of space on roofs, old roofs, etc.
  • Installable by blocks of 1 kWp and can fit many requests
    • roof PV installation complement, self-consumption, flat roof, all kind of garden
  • Resolves roof space problem
    • Portrait installation for reduced dimensions
  • Installation time and cost reduced
  • Compatible with all types of ground
    • Garden, flat roof, parking, sand
  • Compatible with all sizes of framed modules
  • Simple and safety to install
    • Ground mounting
  • Compact and lightweight format
    • Supplied in kit form
    • Spacing pitch of 0.6 ml between each line
  • 100 % Recyclable
  • No work required on roof


GSE Ground System (English)