The SALMET whisk drying system is patented and especially engineered to guarantee a quick and energy-saving drying of the manure. This system ventilates with air moving flaps instead of blowing warm air onto the manure via convection or heat exchanger. The ventilation system ensures constant air circulation within the sheds and irrespective of how large the units are – uniform air exchange to provide best climatic conditions. The zigzag battery version is another option to the proven whisk ventilation system. The manure is not removed unidirectionally, but the manure that comes from the cages is transferred from the one tier to the tier below. Special metal sheets evenly disperse the manure over the entire width of the conveying belt. The process of falling from one tier to the tier below keeps the manure stirred and aerated.


  • Proven performance for over a decade
  • Designed to meet changing regulations
  • Heavy duty feed chain
  • Salmet’s trusted manure drive system
  • Hot-dip galvanized components ensuring quality as well as longevity