Terra Gen Solar Racking

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TerraGen's Ground Mount Racking System for Commercial or Small Scale Solar PV Systems.

An economical design Purlins for minimal impact and quick installation, our ground mounts rest on various foundation options.


Low cost, fast delivery

  • Universal Mid and End Clamps are module agnostic through the Clamp Adaptor
  • Short lead times for commercial or small projects of 3 kW to 500 kW
  • Offered at a competitive price point


Superior system flexibility

  • System adapts to any site conditions
  • Optimized for wind, snow & geotech conditions of your project
  • Small table sizes allow for incremental table additions to maximize installed solar for your site
  • Adjustable in all directions to adapt to deviations in post installation and module variations
  • System offers adaptability for various foundation options including rammed post, round post embedded in concrete, screw pile, or helical pile
  • 28° and 40° tilt angles

Ease of installation, lower total cost

  • A two-person crew can install the entire system
  • Carriage bolt fasteners make fastening components quick, easy and robust
  • Wire management and grounding integrated into the racking, lowering labour and material costs
  • Requires a low number of posts, reducing installation costs

Maximum service life

  • Galvanized steel components, stainless steel fasteners
  • 20 year warranty

Enhanced engineering drawings

  • Building Code compliant
  • Verified and stamped by structural engineering firms
  • Detailed structural and construction packages create on-site efficiencies
  • Coaching of early installations