Salolit Litter Removal


Salmet’s litter removal system Salolit automatically reduces the amount of litter in the scratching area. The system consist of foldable scrapers on a chain loop installed in the scratching area.  The system pulls closed scraper shovels backwards, whilst in forward movement the shovels unfold automatically and transport litter towards the end of the house. This way litter can automatically be controlled in this area and manual labour can be reduced significantly.


Improve Climate

With the Salolit system installed the environment in the house is better because the build-up of ammonia and fine dust is reduced. The excess litter and manure drop into a manure pit or conveyor belt at the end of the system and is transported out of the house. Another advantage of the Salolit is that it stimulates the birds natural scratching behaviour and it will also help to avoid hens to lay their eggs underneath the system.


  • Stimulates birds natural behaviour
  • Improves climate
  • Less manual labour



  • Manure shovels on one or both sides of the loop
  • Flaps for separation walls