S1000 Rearing System


The success in egg production highly depends on the bird´s growing period. The S1000 rearing system adapts to the needs of your birds. From day old chick to pullet, access to the feed through is fully adjustable. The sliding feed gate is run by a clever mechanism to manually adjust space as the birds grow.

Uniform feed
The right feed conversion system is a core factor to success and operating efficiency. As an expert, Salmet has continuously improved the technical standard of the feed hopper and achieves the best results.

The up-to-date feeding system meets the desired quality and quantity requirements for each bird and avoids feed waste and over consumption by keeping feed at the lowest possible level.

A traditional chain feeding system can also be installed. The proven push in doors with a double spring system keeps lots of tension at all times, so you never run the risk of them opening. At the end of the pullet cycle the entire front of the system opens up for ease up bird removal for placement into your layer house.

The water system comes complete with adjustable water lines on all day old chick tiers.

Salmet's proven manure drive system is used in the S1000 rearing system giving you reliable manure removal.


  • Optimal rearing results
  • Uniform pullets
  • Good bird overview
  • Hygienic environment
  • Easy to use


  • Different drink nipples
  • 3 – 8 tiers
  • Adjustable legs
  • Water line flushing system