PS 2800 Layer Breeder


The PS 2800 layer cage for parent stock guarantees maximum hatching egg production and fertility. The system is available from 2 tiers up to 6 tiers. The side partitions of each section are designed to ensure social contact between the birds as well as even distribution of light.

The cage bottoms are made of cross and longitudinal tensile wires of the same thickness that present a smooth surface for improved egg roll-out. The middle of the cage floor is enforced to ease natural mating. 2 drinking lines are installed on each tier one of which is adjustable. This assists with flocks where uniformity is somewhat uneven and enables smaller birds to reach the nipples.

Uniform feed
The right feed conversion system is a core factor to success and operating efficiency.

As an expert, Salmet has continuously improved the technical standard of the feed hopper, achieving the best results. The up-to-date feeding system meets the desired quality and quantity requirements for each bird and avoids feed waste and over consumption by keeping feed at the lowest possible level. A traditional chain feeding system can also be installed.

Salmet's proven manure drive system is used in the PS 2800 giving you reliable manure removal.

All types of Salmet egg collection systems (elevator & egg lift) can be installed.


  • Clean eggs – essential for hatchery
  • Highest level hatching eggs
  • Better FCR compared to floor systems
  • Very low mortality rate
  • More birds per house
  • Uniform growth


  • Feed wagon or feed chain
  • Adjustable legs
  • Water line flushing system
  • Shock wire
  • Different number of nipples per cage
  • Different types of egg collection