Pop Doors


A good solid pop-hole is an important part for an optimal barn climate. Air leakages at the pop-holes will have negative influence on the climate conditions in your barn. With the Scan-Air pop hole doors you have the right doors to ensure a trouble free, hygienic control of the openings in your barn.

The pop-hole door is self-closing, and is opened through a motor. By working with multiple doors per department, it is possible to close a number of doors in cold period. We can make the pop-holes in all sizes in height, width and depth. Whether it is a brickwall, concrete wall or sandwich panel, the wall frames can be made for all applications. The Scan-Air pop-hole door is made entirely of plastic and stainless steel which guarantees a long lifetime. For every application and opening we can make a suitable pop-hole.


  • Solid airtight closure
  • Made entirely of plastic and stainless steel
  • Easy assembly
  • Flexible dimensions
  • Integrated wall frame
  • Insulated slide