Opticon In-Cage Scale


Abattoirs are becoming more demanding when it comes to the weight of the stock that they want to receive, and at what time. Therefore one of the most important reasons for weighing stock is to be able to deliver it at the desired weight, and at a time agreed upon advance. Another important reason for weighing stock is that this enables you to keep track on the stock weight and to compare it with the standard and your expectations.


  • Much better, faster and more flock information for management purpose.
  • A large number of weighings per day without stress for the birds as well as for the farmer.
  • Monitors the body weight, environment and water – feed consumption.
  • Gives better control of the production, increase productivity.
  • Early detection of disease (reduction of weighings or growth).
  • Controls the quality of a new batch of feed.
  • Slaughter weight can be obtained much more accurate, within < 1,5 %, which results in a better planning for the slaughterhouses.
  • Avoids financial penalties for inaccurate weights.
  • By using the system for rearing and breeding, better tuning for feed rationing possible.
  • No manual weighings needed anymore, which saves time.