MultiHeat X Changer Heat Recovery System


With increasing and relatively high energy prices the moment has come to invest in a heat recovery system. Depending on the heat requirement and the outside temperature the pay-back period of such installation will be between 4 and 6 years. Each situation is different, but more and more the poultry farmer is searching for alternatives to reduce costs either with solar panels, windmills or heat recovery.


Optimum climate inside the barn

To realize a healthy climate for poultry the ventilation part is of high importance. But, especially during cold weather circumstances, the heat loss with ventilation is high as well. To complete the heat requirement the heat recovery system is the solution.


  • Heat exchanger with 75-85% efficiency with “balance“ ventilation
  • Saving at least 65% on heating costs
  • Cross flow recuperator from easy to clean durable coated aluminium material (ammonia and CO2 resistant)
  • High power centrifugal fan
  • Parts and components are of industrial class
  • Fully coated, corrosion resistant, durable panels on both in and outside
  • High efficiency, low resistance, self cleaning air filters (no water! )
  • Optional preheating unit for cold climate conditions to avoid temperature differences
  • Stand alone controls or optional remote control
  • Dryer climate in the building
  • Climate is easier to control