Lubing SprayCabinet


With the increasing concerns over biosecurity and disease control, the all-new Lubing SprayCabinet System is an excellent addition to any layer operation.

High-pressure spray nozzles in the enclosed cabinet safely spray the lower chain of the conveyor. The SprayCabinet can safely be operated during egg collection, saving time during wash-down. Complete details can be found on our website at in the “What’s New” section.


  • Available in all conveyor sizes
  • All hoses are quick-connect
  • All interior surfaces are sloped for drainage
  • All stainless and food-grade plastic construction on contact surfaces
  • 2m SprayCabinet can easily be retrofitted onto existing systems
  • Can be mounted on legs or suspended
  • Can be installed on inclines/declines up to 10 degrees
  • Helps reduce number of dirty eggs