Feed Silos


Salmet’s feed silos are a great addition to a wide range of agricultural products. Salmet offers both steel feed silos as well as polyester silos.

Silos for storage of animal food. The agricultural use of silos is perhaps the best known of all. The producers of animal food discovered short time later the outstanding properties of GRP silos. High quality storage solutions that last for a very long time and for a very acceptable price made the GRP silo and tank very successful in this industry. All polyester silos are constructed from glass fibre reinforced plastic, also referred to as GRP silos.

• GRP meets the regulatory demands on food contact of the EU and FDA
• Attention GRP Silos can‘t be shipped in containers ( one piece)
• a special transport and a crane is necessary to get them on the site for installation.


Steel Silos

  • Excellent feed flow
  • Obstruction free hopper plates with smooth protective coating on the inside
  • Durable and maintenance friendly
  • Galvanization 25% above standard
  • Solid construction conform to German DINnorm (DIN18194)
  • Encapsulated bolts on the outside to prevent corrosion
  • 5 year-warranty against perforation by corrosion
  • Keeps feed fresh and nutritious
  • Heavy galvanization and undulated sheets reduce temperature fluctuations inside the bin
  • Wide range of capacities
  • Four different diameters with volumes from 3.9 m³ to 49.8 m³
  • Bins for pneumatic or mechanical filling