Extraction Fans with Munters Drive


Munters has engineered the latest advancement in motor technology by developing this unique motor drive system. It is designed for high performance and low energy consumption. The revolutionary motor offers up to a 40% reduction in electrical usage and is nearly maintenance free, helping to reduce your carbon foot print, save money and usher in a “greener” approach to agricultural and horticultural ventilation. The motor drive system offers three different airflow and efficiency options, allowing for a customized approach to ventilation.  Options include High Efficiency (HE) for minimum ventilation, High Output (HO) to move a large volume of air , High Rebate (HR) that will maximize output while qualifying for regional energy efficiency rebates. This motor technology is an excellent addition to Munters’ already innovative product lines, offering significant advantages that include energy reduction, no maintenance of belts and bearings, lower installation costs, no variable frequency drive or thermal overloads are required and a soft start-up, eliminating energy spikes.  The motor runs cool and quiet, for longer motor and bearing life. The motor is designed to be easily retrofitted to your existing traditional Munters/Aerotech fans.  All these savings add up to a powerful return on investment (ROI) and an improved ventilation system.


  • Reduce fan energy costs up to 40%
  • Nearly Maintenance Free – No Bearing maintenance, No belt replacement, No tensioner.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Patent Pending
  • Qualifies for energy rebates